Whizz through first term

Well what a speedy 11 weeks that was. On 27th September 2021 I set off for my first day at De Montfort University, Leicester. It was Freshers week and there were a number of introduction presentations for new students. In the autumn of 2020 I’d applied to 5 universities to study Fine Art and was consequently offered places at them all. A visit to DMU plus an emphasis on drawing throughout the course confirmed my choice.

I’d intended to start this blog in the first term and add to it weekly but I soon became engrossed – I’d like to say in uni life, but in fact it was the workload. All great fun though – having to spend the day experimenting with 3D creations in the sculpture module, covered in oil paint in the paint module or concentrating on a number of different drawing techniques in the life drawing sessions.

I was beyond excited at the prospect of starting and the few concerns I’d had proved to be of no consequence. The journey each way, although taking me 90 minutes on a good day is very doable and relatively stress free with a clear run on the A46 and a good Park and Ride service. After years of being responsible for my own deadlines and time I was unsure how I’d cope to having these set for me again, but I found this oddly liberating. As it’s been decades since I was last in an educational environment, I wondered how I’d adjust to teacher led learning so I promised myself that I would approach everything with an open mind and give everything a go – this I have had to make a conscious effort with as it’s hard not to take the easy option out and revert to my old way of creating.

So what have I been up to that’s prevented me from starting this blog? Here’s a snapshot.



Life Drawing

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